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Friday, August 29, 2014

Inventor with his Magnetic Field Power Amplifier
M400-a, 201 watts minimum per channel
Woodinville, Washington circa Spring 1980

Bob Carver is known internationally, since the 1970s (or before) for his high powered sold state amplifiers and later for his unique vacuum tube designs and products. In the Spring of 1980 I was hired to photograph him with his new 7-inch, 9 pound cube, which quite possibly was the "most powerful story in the history of high fidelity amplifier design." The resulting portrait I made of him shows him dancing in his factory laboratory holding his new, light weight, miniature amp. My image was published at first in the New York magazine, The Village Voice, and then later in other publications. 

Bob was responsible for inspiring my interest in hi-fi.  I have pursued this interest since meeting him, and got into vacuum tubes early-- well before Bob, in fact!

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