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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Image No. 4, Abstract forms, gestalt image
December 19, 2013, Bend, Oregon

Here is a beautiful abstract rendering of  sidewalk cracks I found on Newport Avenue, in Bend, Oregon near Backporch Coffee House. The left (half) image is flipped to provide an abstract visual composite from the concrete sidewalk forms. The result is a delightful rendering of animal like forms, such as the imaginary animal in the center of the image.  I made a series of twelve art prints found in these decaying sidewalk cracks, replete with ice, pebbles, debris and the effect of sunlight partially melting some it. This one is the most anthropomorphic.  The details on the larger prints will bring much pleasure in the viewing process, up-close or further away.

My Doubles Series, comprises of a series concurrent coincidences, double entendre and intriguing pairs.

"Sidewalk Cracks" No. 4, Copyright ©  2013 Clyde Keller

Customer review:
SIDEWALK CRACKS by Clyde Keller is my latest acquisition. This image looks great from across the room,but the detail invites closeup viewing to reveal many different facets including faces,human and animal alike,and many other more abstract forms. 

I'm a huge fan of Clyde Keller's work and very proud to say I own a good number of his prints. These latest acquisitions,'Ice Crystals' and 'Sidewalk Cracks'will be a much treasured addition to my collection. I look forward purchasing many more!
Bob Akers